FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

About our Company

    May I have your references?

    Bank references are available upon request.

    How long has Grimmeissen been in business?

    Grimmeissen was established since 1991 in Heilbronn. First we were situated in an office-building. Our retail showroom exists since 1998 in the middle of Heilbronn’s City. We are specialized on selling watches of highest quality from all watch manufacturers.

    Does Grimmeissen have a showroom?

    Yes, we have got a retail showroom and are not only an internet-based company. All watches offered on our web-site may be seen at our showroom. Previous to your visit we would kindly ask you to check by phone or e-mail if the watch is still available. Although our internet-shop is frequently updated, it may happen that a sold watch may still be seen on our web-site. Watches sent to a customer for inspection are only cancelled after having been sold.

    Does Grimmeissen sell watch parts?

    No, we do not sell parts like watchglasses, dials etc. However, we are able to provide or order leather straps (orig.) for all our sold watches. We are also able to offer the same from Camille Fournet.

    What are Grimmeissen’s business hours?

    Our showroom is open Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

    Is Andreas Grimmeissen a watchmaker?

    No, Andreas Grimmeissen isn’t a watchmaker but a business man. He doesn’t do any repairs himself, all our watches are repaired by our external watchmaker. Especially complicated watches are mostly sent to the manufacturer for reconditioning.


Our Watches

    Are your watches inspected by a watchmaker?

    All purchased watches are inspected by our watchmaker and are tested for their waterproofness. If necessary, the case is reconditioned and the leather strap is replaced by a new original strap of the same brand. If we have straps manufactured, we usually take Camille Fournet leather straps. (Please tell us your individual wishes, we are pleased to meet them.)

    Are your watches new or pre-owned?

    We specialize in selling pre-owned watches. All watches on our web-site are pre-owned but by mistaken purchases or business liquidations we receive watches from time to time which are only a few weeks old and have never been used. These watches however show an earlier purchasing date from the selling jeweler.


Terms of Trade and Orders

    Where do I find your terms of trade?

    You may read our Terms of Trade if you click "TERMS & CONDITIONS" from our menu. They are available at our showroom as well.

    How do I place my order?

    Just send us an e-mail by moving from the watch to our "add to order". You receive a prompt confirmation telling you if the watch is still available and when it is shipped to you. According to your wish you may pay by advance-remittance or C.O.D. For security reasons we do not ship any watches on account. If you decide to pay C.O.D., we have to add EURO 2,00 C.O.D.-charge.


Warranty and Return

    Do you offer a warranty?

    We do not only offer a general house warranty of twelve months for pre-owned watches but also a future service for your purchased watch. Please contact us for conditions.

    Does Grimmeissen offer a return privilege?

    If you are not completely satisfied with the condition of your purchased watch you may of course return it (see "shipping"). We will refund your payment upon receipt of the watch by cheque or remittance.


Selling or Trade-In

    Does Grimmeissen take trade-ins if you purchase another watch? Does Grimmeissen buy watches?

    Of course we do! We are always interested to take your watch as trade-in if you buy another watch. But we also are interested in buying your watch for cash for example at our showroom.

    Please contact us by our contact-form or by phone +49 (0) 71 31 / 99 31 79.

    How and when will I be paid if I sell my watch to Grimmeissen?

    Payment will be made the same day. You receive remittance on-line or we post a cheque on the same day to you. We are reliable and prompt!



    What are your shipping charges?

    For purchases exceeding EURO 1,000.00 there are no charges for domestic deliveries. For all other purchases a charge of EURO 10.00 for shipping and insurance has to be paid. For shipping to all European countries we charge EURO 25.00. For shipping to all other countries we charge a lump-sum of EURO 50.00.

    The purchase price for all deliveries is insured in transit. Duties and taxes for non European-countries have to be paid by the purchaser. Please contact your local customs office for information.

    Is it safe to send packages by post?

    Yes, it is. Please take care to give us your correct and complete postal address, eventually also a second address in case you are travelling a lot.

    Packages are insured in the amount of the purchase price by our transport insurance.

    How do I send a package to Grimmeissen?

    Please send your package with our complete business address. The address mustn’t say "Juwelier, Uhren An- und Verkauf".

    Our business address is:

    Andreas Grimmeisen
    Marktplatz 12
    D - 74072 Heilbronn

    A normal post package is insured with EURO 500.00. You also have the possibility to insure it for
    EURO 2,500.00 or EURO 25,000.00.

    This kind of package is then called package with special value. Please make sure that you never send or return any watches by parcel. A parcel definitely isn’t covered by any insurance whatsoever!!!

    Please keep your shipping slip. If you tell us its number we are able to trace your delivery online.